I can’t find the QR Code

QR Codes are shared by artists and galleries via different channels: social networks, websites, at an exhibition…
We advise you to contact them directly if you don’t find them.
Here is a QR Code that you can test.


I can’t hang a piece onto my wall

To find your wall more easily, position yourself obliquely to the location of your future work. Move slowly left and right as you continue to fix the location.

If your wall is plain and smooth, it will be more difficult to detect it. Use one or two A4 sheet(s) with colour contrast (magazine, bill…) or our checkerboard (download it here). Stick it onto the wall so that the app can detect it easier. When you “scan” the wall, move slowly aiming at the sheet with your phone. Note that it is not necessary to stand too far from the wall while aiming at the A4 sheet, a distance of a meter will do. In case these instructions don’t help you, contact us.


The piece doesn’t “fit” my wall

If the piece isn’t correctly hanging on your wall, it is because the surface of the wall isn’t fully detected.

  • If you are using an A4 sheet, make sure that it is perfectly vertical and not warped.
  • If you are not using an A4 sheet, try using one to detect the wall, this will help the application scan the zone properly.


I would like to move the piece

The pieces that have been virtually hung on the walls can’t be moved far.
If you are using an A4 sheet, the piece will always be hung on it.
We advise you to start the detection again after moving the sheet. You can also simply scan a new zone.


I have problems with the app

Do you have any problems with our application? Bugs or mistakes?
Your feedback is precious to us in order to help us get better.
Contact us at info@artra.be to share it with us.


I would like the English version of the app

ARTRA is available in French and English. The choice of language is not available in the application but you can choose the language in your phone settings > Artra > Preferred language. The language adapts according to the default language of your operating system.


There are no prices on the website. Why?

Artra is a new application. We don’t quote any prices because we are still testing the app.
After receiving the first feedback from our alpha testers, we will make the prices of the subscriptions available on our website.